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How new technology is evaluated

MedStar Family Choice–DC (MFC-DC) evaluates new technology, and new uses for technology already available, as needed. We evaluate new technology to keep up with industry changes and standards. This helps to ensure that our enrollees have access to safe and effective care.

The new technology we evaluate may fall into categories such as medical and behavioral healthcare procedures, medications, medical equipment (for example, insulin pump), and treatments (for example, vaccines).

When there is a need for new technology, the Chief Medical Officer will review it and make sure that it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. We will then see if DC Medicaid covers it. If DC Medicaid determines that the new technology should be a covered benefit, the request will be approved by MFC-DC if it is medically necessary. If DC Medicaid does not currently cover the new technology, we will review industry standards in considering whether or not to cover the new technology.

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