Family choice

How to enroll in MedStar Family Choice-DC

If you are eligible for DC Medicaid, there are many ways to enroll with MedStar Family Choice-DC:

  • Visit and click enroll and then select get started 

  • Call DC Healthy Families/DC Healthcare Alliance at 202-639-4030 or 800-620-7802 (TTY/TDD 202-639-4041)

    • DC Healthy Families/DC Healthcare Alliance is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Mail – complete the enrollment application you received in the mail  

MedStar Family Choice-DC works with the District of Columbia to provide health care to Medicaid recipients through the Department of Health Care Finance Program. Enrollment is year-round, so you can enroll at any time.

MedStar Family Choice-DC is part of MedStar Health, the region’s largest healthcare system with 5,000 physicians located near you.

Benefits of enrolling in MedStar Family Choice-DC

Over-the-counter drugs as ordered by your doctor

  • Covered items include cough and cold drugs, fever and pain drugs, and vitamins and supplements. Refills are permitted.

Access to our MedStar Family Choice-DC Wellness Programs

  • Includes health education classes, screenings, and fitness classes

Transportation to doctor appointments and many community resources

  • Assistance with housing, employment, food access, new mother/new parent support, support groups, help to quit smoking, and enrollment/renewal of benefits

Referrals to prepared and delivered meals for high-risk enrollees as directed by MedStar Family Choice-DC case managers

Referral to grocery or produce delivery as directed by MedStar Family Choice-DC case manager or your doctor

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