Find information below on getting your MedStar Family Choice District of Columbia back-to-school swag bag, gift card, and schedule a screening.

Health forms

It is important that you bring your child's Universal Health Certificate and/or Oral Health Assessment Form to your child’s appointments. These forms must be completed by your child’s healthcare provider before they can enter school.

You can find both forms at


What you can get and how

A back-to-school swag bag* is a backpack and school supplies. You may qualify to get a swag bag and school supplies if:

  • You are verified as a MFC-DC Enrollee who is currently a student (ages 6 to 21) and;
  • You attend one of our back-to-school community events (see link under Events) and; 
  • You complete a well-child visit or dental exam on-site.

* Swag bags and supplies are available while supplies last.

Gift cards for screenings

To receive gift cards, you must be on time, on-site, and complete your yearly screenings.

  • Ages 3 to 11 will get a $25 gift card per well-child visit.
  • Ages 12 to 20 will get a $50 gift card per well-child visit through September 30, 2023.
  • Ages 3 to 20 will get a $25 gift card per dental exam.
  • Ages 0 to 2 will get a $10 gift card for a well-child visit, dental exam, and lead screening.

A MFC-DC Outreach specialist will reach out to Enrollees who have not completed a well-child visit or dental exam in the past year. You may qualify if your child has not completed either or both in the past year. 

Find out about upcoming screening dates on our events calendar by clicking here.

Swag bags, supplies, and gift cards will be given out at locations for those who have scheduled a well-child visit or dental exam through our Outreach department. Please contact our Outreach department at 855-798-4244, press 1, and then press 2 for more information.

You will find back-to-school community event information, Public and Charter School resources, the CDC Child Immunization Schedule, and DC State Board of Education information by clicking the links below:


To see all our events and outreach screening events and programs, visit our Events and Outreach Programs page.



To see all our resources, visit our Enrollee News, Information, and Resources page.

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