Ordering process for generic 17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone caproate injections

Steps for ordering 17P injectables:

  • Please order 17P 250mg IM multi dose vial or single dose preservative free vials according to the needs of the individual patient.
  • Generic 17P DOES NOT require prior authorization. Makena (branded 17P) products require prior authorization. 
  • Generic 17P should only be used for those enrollees that meet guidelines set forth by ACOG recommendations in ACOG Practice Bulletin # 130.
  • There is no requirement to refer MFC DC enrollees Makena Care Connection.
  • Enrollees may elect to receive injections in the office or at home using an in-network home health provider.

Pharmacy options:

Option 1 – Send order to any local retail pharmacy of patient’s choice. Many larger pharmacy chains are now carrying the generic (Walmart, for ex.). The patient can receive the injection in office as per patient and provider preference.

Option 2 - Send order to CVS Caremark Specialty. CVS Caremark will ship 17P directly to your patient’s addressor to a local CVS pharmacy for patient pickup. Please complete the CVS Caremark Specialty form in its entirety with special care to verify the patient’s most recent address and phone number. Be sure to include the practitioner’s signature as this form also acts as a prescription. There is at least 3-day turnaround time at CVS Caremark for processing.

Option 3 - Send order to Optum Women’s and Children’s Home Health for services to provide 17P in-home administration alone or to include the dispensing of 17P from Optum pharmacy as part of a bundled service with in-home administration. There is a 48-hour turnaround time from Optum for processing.

For questions or concerns, please call 855-798-4244, Case Management Department, High Risk Pregnancy Case Manager.

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