How to join MedStar Family Choice-DC

If you do not have a Medicaid ID, click here to apply

Providers interested in joining the MedStar Family Choice-DC network should complete/send the form below or contact a Provider Relations representative at 855-798-4244

MedStar Family Choice-DC New Provider/Group Interest Form

If you are a vendor or ancillary provider interested in participating with MedStar Family Choice-DC, please complete the New Ancillary Vendor Interest Form below. Our contracting department will contact with you to discuss your interest in MedStar Family Choice-DC.

MedStar Family Choice-DC New Ancillary Vendor Interest Form

MedStar Family Choice-DC is a member of the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH). Please be sure to authorize MedStar Family Choice-DC as a health plan member which will allow us to access your credentialing information through CAQH. Click here to access CAQH. For additional assistance with CAQH, please contact a Provider Relations representative.

Providers must hold a current, valid, unrestricted license to practice in all states where the provider provides care to MedStar Family Choice-DC enrollees. Providers must also have an active District of Columbia Medicaid Fee-for-Service provider number (MA ID). In addition, primary care providers treating members under the age of 21 must also be up to date on their required HealthCheck training.

In addition, specialists must have current unrestricted privileges at one of the following MedStar Family Choice-DC participating hospitals:

Providers must submit the following necessary credentialing documents for participation in MedStar Family Choice-DC participating provider network.        

Providers who apply to MedStar Family Choice-DC have the right, upon request, to review their credentialing application, correct inaccurate information and obtain the status of their application during the credentialing process. Requests can be made by calling 855-798-4244 or fax to 855-616-8763. The credentialing process will be completed within 120 days from the date MedStar Family Choice-DC notifies the Provider of MedStar Family Choice-DC’s intent to process the application.

Providers must be recredentialed at least every three (3) years. If you are an EPSDT provider, your HealthCheck training requirements must be current.

Information current as of: