Prior Authorization is required for hepatitis C treatment. Prior Authorization Submission Requirements are below.

The following MUST be submitted to MedStar Family Choice-DC for a request for hepatitis C treatment to be processed:

  1. A completed Hepatitis C Prior Authorization Form.

  2. Medical records including:
    1. Most recent office visit note(s) which includes:
      1. Detail on all previous hepatitis C treatments; if none, the note must say “treatment naïve.”
      2. Child-Pugh score (if cirrhotic).
      3. Social history with detail provided on use of ETOH and/or illicit substances.
  3. Laboratory studies including:
    1. a recent (less than 6 months old) baseline viral load.
    2. genotype.
    3. (If applicable) HIV viral load and/or hepatitis B viral load.
    4. No fibrosis score required. 

Submit the completed form and required documentation via fax to 202-243-6258.

Physicians may call MedStar Family Choice-DC at 855-798-4244 for questions or concerns, or fax requests to 202-243-6258.

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